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Your stories

Angela I live with chronic post-surgical pain as a result of significant facial nerve damage after maxillary and ongoing oral surgery. Although I was aware of the risks, I hadn’t prepared myself for the pain and subsequent impact on my life. Life has been a challenge at times, not being the person I once was. The …


Useful Resources for people living with Chronic Pain

Painaustralia http// Painaustralia has an excellent website. It provides a list of pain services across Australia. NSW Health’s Patients and Consumers guide: Managing Your Chronic Pain NSW Health’s Patients and Consumers guide/Managing Your Chronic Pain focuses on acute and chronic pain. Royal Adelaide Hospital Clinical Psychology’s Pain Management Unit Psychology Service The Royal Adelaide Hospital Clinical …


Pain clinics and services

ACT Government’s Pain Management Unit (PMU)  This is a public outpatient high-level pain clinic for people with chronic pain (3 months or more).  It offers a multidisciplinary service with pain specialists, a range of allied health professionals and courses. Long waiting periods may apply. NOTE: The service for people with chronic pain has now …