• A brief overview of how pain works
  • Why it’s not as simple as strength exercises               


Matt is a titled Pain Physiotherapist as recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association , also having a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), and Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management). He directs the allied health team with Dr Romil Jain at the ACT Pain Centre, a private pain clinic.

WHEN:  Date to be confirmed – please register


TO PARTICIAPTE:  Please call Arthritis ACT at 1800 011 041 and leave the name of the talk, your name, your email address and your phone number. 

Online Exercise Classes

Zoom Strength Exercise – Currently Free for all financial members. A donation of ($50 every 6 months is appreciate but not compulsory).

Join our Exercise Physiologists 3 times a week for an online strengthening class designed to improve your strength, balance and help you connect with others. No equipment required, bookings are essential to ensure you receive the link to join. Bookings can be made by calling our office. Classes run:

  • Tuesdays 10am
  • Wednesdays 10am
  • Thursdays 10am

GLA:D Education sessions 1 & 2

GLA:D is an exercise program that is designed for people living with Hip and/or Knee Osteoarthritis. Attending two Education sessions is part of the program. If you are interested in our GLA:D program you can contact the office on 1800 011 401 for more information.

For further information about this watch the presentation from the researchers:

Take Charge of Pain

How does pain impact on your life?
How does life impact on your pain?
The course, presented by our staff team, offers you the opportunity to spend some time looking at your world and seeing how you can manage pain from many different angles.
Topics covered include:

What is pain – difference between acute and chronic pain
Finding ways to reduce pain – pacing, modifying and diversion
Understanding how to make these changes
Using your medications in the best possible ways
Think positively… and much more!

This program is being delivered by zoom weekly, in 1 hour sessions over 7 weeks.  Current course dates are:

Next course running winter 2022

Cost: Free for this session

Registration is essential to receive the zoom link- please email or phone 1800 011 041

ME/CFS Awareness Week 2022

This year, ME/CFS Awareness Week will take place from Friday 6 May – Thursday 12 May, with International ME/CFS Awareness Day recognised on the 12 May. 

The theme for this year’s awareness week is “Learn from ME, because people living with ME/CFS matter.”

There are several ways you can be involved.  These are summarised below.  Scroll down for more details on the bits you are interested in.

1.     Café Catch up – Our first face to face café catch up in over a year! Join us for lunch at Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie at midday on Monday 9 May. Please RSVP.

  1. Zoom Almost High Tea –  High tea without the effort.  Put on something glitzy (an earring? your best PJs?) make a cuppa (tea bag can stay in) find a snack and join us via Zoom for a chat with class.  Invite a friend.
  2. Emerge Australia online seminars and Q & A sessions.  These online seminars and sessions run a maximum of 30 mins.  The first Q &A session is on Monday 9 May and you are invited to send in questions beforehand via the links in the information below.
  3. State of the Nation:  Because people with ME/CFS matter report – read this report, listen to/read media coverage, plus easy instructions for finding and sharing it with your local member (less than 2 minutes to do – all you need is your address and it will find your local member for you)
  4. Café Catch up

Come along to our first in person café catch up in over a year.  We will be meeting at Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie at midday on Monday 9 May, sitting inside. You will need to pay for your own lunch.  If you need assistance with transport please contact Robyn on, and we’ll see if we can assist with shared transport.

Book by phoning 6251 2055 or emailing

  1. Zoom Almost High Tea

High tea without the effort.  Sort of Glam up and join us for a Zoom cuppa and chat on Saturday 14 May at 10:30am – all from the comfort of your own home!

  • Slightly dress up – paying full consideration to your ME/CFS or fibromyalgia.  One item is plenty – will it be your best PJ’s, beanie, gloves, or ugg boots? Your best neck pillow? Or maybe get out the glitzy earrings – just one will be fine, brush the hair….
  • Invite a friend – forward them the link/meeting ID listed below, or have them over to visit
  • Have a cuppa ready – keep it simple – the teabag can stay in! or take a movement break and make one during the session
  • Bring something nice to snack on – only if you wish as your company is more important. Make it easy – bought bikkies, a piece of fruit, whatever suits
  • Let Robyn know if you are likely to come –so we can have a maximum of 8 at a ‘table’ so it stays easy to chat with each other.

Almost High Tea for MECFS Zoom links

You will come in with your sound on and your video off.

  1. Emerge Australia online seminars and Q & A sessions

All webinars last a maximum of 30 minutes and will be recorded and posted to the Emerge Australia website and social media channels. If you can’t get the links to work within this message go to

Webinar – The Basics of ME/CFS 

Prerecorded webinar, released on Saturday 7 May at 2pm

No need to register, tune in via the Emerge website –

Join Emerge Australia’s Nurse Educator Kate Herbert as we dive into the basics of ME/CFS, including outdated and current understanding of ME/CFS, the importance of post-exertional malaise (PEM) in diagnosis, and management techniques such as pacing that you can use to manage life with ME/CFS. 

This session is designed for those living with ME/CFS who want to revisit the basics of the disease and the foundational principles of management. It is suited to those who are newly diagnosed or those who have lived with ME/CFS for some time but would like to refresh their knowledge.