Arthritis Research


An estimated one in five Australians has arthritis.  It costs the economy about $23.9 billion annually.

Arthritis is not yet curable but with early and proper diagnosis as well as a customised management plan, it can be controlled. Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has improved markedly as understanding of the disease process improves. With early aggressive therapy using new designer agents,  remission can be achieved in over 50% of patients.

Arthritis Australia funds research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of, as well as potential cures for, arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. This is funded by contributions from Arthritis Australia, state and territory Affiliates, the Australian Rheumatology Association and community donations & bequests.

Scholarships, fellowships, project grants and grants in aid are offered to qualified applicants studying at, or employed by accredited research institutions such as universities and hospitals.  These are available through Arthritis Australia.

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