NDIS Services

Build a Better Me – Arthritis, Pain Support & ME/CFS ACT is a registered NDIS provider.

All our services are available for NDIS clients who have a plan that includes these services.  Be aware that if you wish to utilise our services but they are not something that your plan would normally cover you will be required to pay for the service yourself.  Do speak to us if you are unsure.

In addition to our regular services, we also offer:

Support Co-ordination.  We specialise is supporting people with Chronic Pain conditions, Arthritis, ME/CFS, and related conditions.  Please call 1800 011 041 to discuss your situation with us or email supportcoordination@arthritisact.org.au

Social Support.  We have a small team of social support workers who will support NDIS clients.  For further information about the role of our social support workers please click here

NDIS Charges

Most NDIS services are charged at the NDIS price guide.  This is because of the background work we are required to do to maintain our NDIS accreditation and the work involved in following up with Plan Managers and the NDIA for payments.

If you are self managed on the NDIS and simply pay your bills yourself at the time of the service, you can pay normal membership rates for our services.  If you do need reports on your progress, however, you will be required to pay for our practitioner’s time to write these reports at the NDIS rate.

Pool Sessions

Self lead pool sessions are charged individually to all NDIS service users at the cost rate of utilising the hydrotherapy service.  Our non-NDIS self-lead sessions are at a lower price because the ACT Government supports those with no other kind of support to be able to access the pool.  Again, if you are a self managed NDIS participant who purchases tickets in advance and arranges your own repayment, you can purchase tickets as any other member.   If we need to bill Plan Managers or the NDIA we will charge the NDIS self lead rate to cover the significant administrative costs.

One on one pool sessions with our Allied Health staff are charged at the regular rate for an hour with an Allied Health staff member if the session occurs at one of our listed pool session times.  If you need to utilise another pool/time, you will be required to pay the pool rental costs in addition to the cost of the Allied Health professional.