Family Day Camp – Oct 29 2023 Healthy Halloween Bones!

Why have a family day camp for kids affected by chronic pain, juvenile arthritis, hypermobility conditions, autoimmune conditions that cause pain and/or fatigue, or post viral malaise or related conditions?

The ACT does not have a great public health support for children affected by any of these conditions, and as such, kids and families are often isolated, they don’t have good follow mechanisms for when things go wrong that are local, and the health system is often not as understanding as it could be of how family units cope when a member of the family is affected by any of these conditions.

Arthritis, Pain Support & ME/CFS ACT are holding a series of Family Day Camps to assist these families to come together, to meet others in a similar situation to themselves, and to get some support in a fun environment to help everyone in the family.

We believe the entire family unit should have access to support to assist everyone in the family to cope with the impact of a family member being unwell.  We know that siblings often have as many issues coping with an illness of a sibling as the actual affected person.  We know that family units can struggle to remain connected when there are frequent hospital, treatment or therapy appointments, or even when there is just ongoing uncertainty in the household as to what is going to happen next.

Our fun day program aims to connect families, to acknowledge the struggle that family members go through when someone is sick, and to provide a pathway for ongoing local supports.  Come and meet us, and then it will be easier to reach out when you need that ongoing support.

Our program requires at least one parent to participate on the day – unfortunately we can’t have children under 18yrs with no parental support.  The best outcomes for the family unit will be if the entire family participates.  We also welcome grandparents/other significant carers connected to the family unit.

If you are a parent of a young adult who does not wish to attend themselves, but you’d like to come and gain some support, please register.  Young adults are also welcome to join (just be aware that you may be participating with younger children – if that’s not your thing, join our Lounging Lizards program which is held weekly for young adults)

Whilst we encourage participation for the entire day, we are happy to receive registrations for only certain activities. 

TimeAffected kidsSiblingsParentsPEM kids
10:15-11:00Exercise programExercise programGames to play with your kids to improve strength and conditioningArt therapy with Rhondda
11:00-12:30Exercise programExercise programArt Therapy with RhonddaRest time/continue on art projects
12:30-13:30Lunch and food choices activityLunch and food choices activityLunch dateLunch and food choices activity
13:30-14:30Footy colours questArt therapy with RhonddaLunch dateRest time
14:30-15:30Art Therapy with RhonddaFooty colours questQ&A session for parentsWhat exercise can I do that doesn’t raise my heart rate?
15:30-16:30Parents v kids orienteering questParents v kids orienteering questParents v kids orienteering questParents v kids orienteering quest
16:30-18:00Family BBQ – Lake GinninderraFamily BBQ Lake GinninderraFamily BBQ Lake GinninderraFamily BBQ Lake Ginninderra

Want to join?

To register please complete the following forms and email back to us at If you only wish to register for certain activities on the day, please let us know in your email which activities.

Registration Form (PDF)

Registration Form (docx)

Permission Form (PDF)

Permission Form (docx)

Children’s meals will be provided on the day with catering for the entire family included for the evening. Please let us know of any dietary issues this even will be nut free. The parents date is at parent’s cost we encourage parents to go and enjoy a leisurely lunch together.

We acknowledge funding for this initiative from the Commonwealth Government