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Thank you for considering this Corporate Sponsorship proposal. We look forward to building a long term relationship with your organisation that will be mutually beneficial.

Arthritis afflicts about one in five ACT residents and impacts not only on their lives but also on those of their families and the wider community at large. Along with other musculoskeletal conditions, they are the major causes of disability by far.

The Arthritis Foundation of the ACT, which also includes Osteoporosis ACT, plays a vital role for those affected by arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions by providing information and education and a range of support activities.

As part of a national federation, we also help support research which we hope will lead to a cure. While the Foundation receives some government funding, we rely on the assistance of the community to support our activities which includes the assistance of many dedicated volunteers. Without the assistance of organisations, such as yours, many of the Canberra residents who are afflicted with this debilitating condition would not have access to services that helps to ease their suffering.

Our commitment will be to ensure that this sponsorship arrangement is one that can meet the needs of your organisation as a corporate citizen and will inform our community networks of your support.


Levels of sponsorship

  • Gold sponsor     $5,500 per year
  • Silver sponsor    $3,300 per year
  • Bronze sponsor  $2,750 per year


Benefits to you

We are open to any suggestions that would be mutually beneficial. For example the value of your contribution might also include an in-kind component.

As well as the warm glow of helping the community, you will also receive the following:

Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Corporate membership of Arthritis ACT  
Frequent public acknowledgements of your support    
A link from our website to yours  
Invitations to our social events
Regular advertisements in our monthly newsletter (1500 subscribers)
Opportunity to participate (e.g. a stall) at relevant events  

The period of sponsorship is normally three years and we are happy to invoice you at intervals that most suit you.

For further information contact the CEO on 1800 011 041 or email

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