One in every three Australians is a volunteer. 6.1 million or 36% of Australians volunteer. In 2012, Australians performed 713 million hours of voluntary work, contributing $200 billion to the economy, this is double Australia’s mining industry.

While the benefits to the organisations, communities and individuals they assist are well documented and widely recognised the benefits to the volunteers themselves are less widely understood. These include:

  • Personal fulfilment
  • Empowerment
  • Strengthened links with the community, and reduced isolation
  • Opportunity to contribute skills and expertise to others
  • Development of new skills, interests and friendships
  • Links into the paid workforce (for those seeking it)

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds with diverse skills and training.  They make a substantial contribution to the work of Arthritis ACT and are vital to the successful operation of the Foundation.

Arthritis ACT offers its volunteers the opportunity to work in a range of areas.
These include:

  • Office administration
  • Resource centre
  • Serving on Board and other committees
  • Delivering community talks on behalf of Arthritis ACT
  • Assisting with support services
  • Assisting with information sessions
  • Running self management courses
  • Fundraising

Volunteers are encouraged to choose the activity which best meets their needs.

Code of Practice

In recognition of the valuable contribution of volunteers to the work of the Foundation, we make the following commitment to our volunteers. We will –

  • Treat volunteers with the same respect as paid workers
  • Not expect volunteers to replace paid staff
  • Provide volunteers with orientation on the work of the Foundation
  • Offer volunteers opportunities appropriate to their skills and experience
  • Provide volunteers with clear guidance on their roles and responsibilities
  • Provide appropriate training for all volunteers assisting in the office, education and support areas
  • Provide adequate support, supervision and administrative back up.
  • Provide volunteers with safe and comfortable working conditions
  • Provide appropriate insurance cover for all volunteers
  • Meet volunteers’ out of pocket expenses upon request
  • Provide mechanisms to acknowledge the valuable contribution of our volunteers.

In return, we require our volunteers to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Commit themselves to the aims and objectives of Arthritis ACT
  • See themselves as valued team members, with the right to contribute to decisions which affect their work
  • Work to the relevant staff member
  • Respect other people’s beliefs and do not attempt to impose their own
  • Never give medical advice to members or the public
  • Maintain confidentiality of all the information they are given or otherwise obtain during their volunteering
  • Be reliable and punctual in fulfilling volunteer commitments.


Becoming a Volunteer

We would love for you to join us! If you are interested in volunteering with Arthritis ACT please download and complete a volunteer form and contact us.

Volunteer Resources

Click here to download Warm Water Exercise Attendance Form – PDF (print) format

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