On the Move

In late January we will be moving offices over to the University of Canberra.  This is the culmination of about 18 months’ worth of work with the University who recognize the need to be working more closely with us to support the more than 100,000 Canberran’s who are living with various forms of Arthritis.

The move supports the Foundation with a number of issues.  We will be located at 170 Haydon Dve on the ground floor.  There will be no more issues with lifts that don’t work!  This location is opposite the actual campus, on the Calvary side of Haydon Drive (although a couple of kilometers down from Calvary).  There is free parking to the door.

Being located with the University of Canberra, who do the majority of education to the allied health workforce in Canberra, raises our profile not only with the general public, but with students and researchers within the University.  This is all important in training the future health workforce as well as engaging with researchers more closely who can assist us in making life better for those living with any issues associated with poor musculoskeletal health.  We will also be very close to the new rehabilitation hospital, and we do have plans in place to have a greater presence in that space.


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