UC Heartrate Study

Be part of an important arthritis research study.

•Do you live with arthritis?
•Do you want real-time feedback on your readiness
for physical activity?

If you answered YES to these questions, you may be eligible to participate in our heart rate variability and lifestyle study.

The purpose of this research study is to assess the effectiveness of heart rate variability in predicting readiness for physical activity or exercise in individuals with Arthritis. Benefits to you include the heart rate variability app at no cost, and free coaching advice via email during the study. All you have to do, is attend a clinic at Arthritis ACT, and use the app each morning upon waking.

Individuals of all ages, with a smart phone, and with all types of arthritis are eligible to participate.

The study is being conducted by University of

Canberra staff at Arthritis ACT, 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT.

Ready to volunteer?

Select your appointment at https://calendly.com/ucarthritis/ , email Nathan D’Cunha at nathan.dcunha@canberra.edu.au or call Rebecca Davey 1800 011 041 to make an appointment or to ask any questions.

This study has Human Research Ethics Approval from the University of Canberra (HREC 17-77). Details on the app may be found at: http://www.hrv4training.com/


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